Thursday, 11 August 2016

Bring and Brag

We had so much fun with Bring and Brag today. We loved seeing and hearing about Oliver's shark car, Shyla's dog teddy Slush and Xavier's All Black sticker book.

 We were pretty lucky today to have Anika's fish come to school...
and we were super lucky getting to watch Lily do a dance for us. we thought "she rocked!"

 I can't wait for Bring and Brag next time, I wonder what we will see?


  1. Hello room Fifteen I Really like Lilly's dancing it's really cool.I like how everyone is watching in the video

  2. Hello room 15, it's Will from Mamaku 2. Sam E did bring and brag and I wanted to do it to! I think bring and brag is a really good idea! Thanks for letting me help you doing PrEP!

  3. Kia ora Room 15 I really like your Bring and Brag. Lily looked like she had lots of fun. Maybe next time you could make some more videos about what Room 15 brought. I wish our class had a Bring and Brag.
    From Lara

  4. Kia Ora Room 15, I love how you have bring and brag when i was little we use to have show and tell instead. I loved Lily's dance! Do you know what Anika's fish's name is?

  5. Kia Ora Room 15 It's Jessie From Mamaku
    Fantastic job Lilly and cool fish Anika. I like how all your movements flowed Lilly, Anika I wan to see a smile! :) You could work on sharing more on Bring and Brag!
    Why did they choose to brag about these things?
    Ka Pai Lilly (Good work) Pai Fish Anika (Good)
    From Jessie