Thursday, 26 May 2016

Elephant Art

This term we are learning about painting. We mixed yellow and red to create a sunset. We used an elephant because we read the big book 10 elephants. Don't they look great?

Our shop

During Discovery Time this term we have chosen to make a shop. We have made the counter and price all the items. We are excited to play shops and learn about money. Here is our progress...

(Photo's are all taken by the students in Room 15.)

Fun dressing up at discovery time

We had a great time dressing up at Discovery. We had to take turns so it was fair. We like sharing in Room 15 and we are trying hard to make sure we share.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Fun at PMP

Belle and Briar being a great leaders and calling out 3 things for Keira and Sam to jump on! 
Backwards through the cubes
Backwards on the beam
Rolling the ball and keeping it in the lines. 
Rolling like pencils
Fun on the moon hoppers