Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Math's fun in Room 15

The circles are learning to read the numbers to 20. In this game we tried to bowl the cups over which all had numbers on them. The person that bowled had to read the numbers out that they bowled over for the other group members to write on their whiteboard. We all had turns. We loved this game! 
We are practising our doubles by rolling a dice and doubling the number. We recorded number stories in our books. 
We absolutely loved this game!! We are learning groups within 5 and this game was really good practise! We all had bottle tops with numers from 1-5. We had a special die with 0-5 written on it. We rolled the dice and got to take away the number we would need to make 5. So if we rolled a 4 we would take 1. BUT if we rolled a 5 we got to choose someone to put one of their lids back. The winner was the person who had no lids left first! 
Our game was very similar to the traingles game but we were doing it with doubles. We loved rolling a 6 and making somone put a lid back. 


  1. Luke thinks that these maths games are cool!.

  2. What a lot of fun and learning you do in Room 15. Keep up the fabulous work team.

  3. It is very cool to see our children are happy while learning. Great job!