Saturday, 27 February 2016

Continuous High Five World Record Attempt

On Friday we were part of a fundraising event for the local children's hospital and a number of other charities. We had 2000 children from over the West Coast complete com a continuous high five. The event raised $20,000, what a great result.


  1. Wow! We want to know how you did a continuous high five? Rawhiti asks, "Did you walk around and just high-five everyone?" or Riley suggested you might have had two lines and all did it at once? Alysha wondered if you did it with one hand or two?
    $20,000 is a lot of money! Some kids in our class think they have seen that much money but it is "one of the biggest numbers!". Good on you.
    From Room B5, Eastern Hutt School

    1. We were in lines of 50 and there were lots of lines. We started at one end of the line and high fived all the way to the end, when we had high-fived we sat down. When our a row was finished, the high five went down the next row. We did it with our left hand and we put our right hand behind our back. We did it one at a time. We knew where the high-five was because Ronald McDonald was following it and he is really tall so we could see him.

  2. Richards Family10 March 2016 at 20:37

    Great photo Lily, lovely smile!

  3. Thank you for the awesome updates Miss Robinson