Friday, 21 October 2016

Discovery Time

We have had lots of fun this term in discovery learning about sharing and taking turns. 
We enjoyed working together as a team to make the puzzle and we are even trying a 100piece puzzle now. 
Luke and CJ enjoyed sharing the olaydough toys. 
Declan and Keira enjoyed sharing the playdough and the playdough toys. 
We have worked hard to share the dressups so that everyone gets a turn. 
We really enjoyed being police officers. 

Monday, 15 August 2016

Tens and Ones

We had fun today talking about 10's and 1's. Look how clever Lilly is.

Fun with reading activities

Today we drew pictures and recorded ourselves talking about our picture. We were practising speaking clearly.



Thursday, 11 August 2016

Bring and Brag

We had so much fun with Bring and Brag today. We loved seeing and hearing about Oliver's shark car, Shyla's dog teddy Slush and Xavier's All Black sticker book.

 We were pretty lucky today to have Anika's fish come to school...
and we were super lucky getting to watch Lily do a dance for us. we thought "she rocked!"

 I can't wait for Bring and Brag next time, I wonder what we will see?

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Pointalism painting

This week we read the story dragons dragons dragons for our big book and for art we are learning about using different tools and techniques for painting. This week we tried using cotton buds to create a pointalism painting. We had to take our time! Don't they look awesome? 

Getting creative at Discovery Time

This week we have been getting creative at Discovery Time making all sorts of treasures. Our focus has been sharing. 
CJ decided to cut the cardboard tube in half so Luke could have some too. 
Tudor and Keira said "we are sharing the playdough toys"
Ruby gave Lily some her bumpy cardboard because she didn't have any. 

Lily's dog kennel. She decided to wrap some wool around caordboard so she could make a soft bed. 

Maths fun ordering numbers

We love our new furniture