Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Room 15's fantastic what am I stories!


  1. Well done Roon 15, we have had fun trying to work out the noun you have described.
    Vadim and Nia you gave us lots of information to guess a cheetah and watermelon.
    We are having trouble with Aden's clues. Can he give us more information please before we look at the picture?

    Room 5

    1. Sorry Room 5 we have realised that Aden has accidentally put that it is a compound word and it is not.
      Here are some more clues...
      - I like to go in smoothies
      - Monkeys like to eat me
      -You need to peel me to eat me
      -I turn black when I am old
      -You can put me in a mixture to make a yummy cake
      -I am shaped like a moon

  2. So cool! I even found some tricky! Great work room 15