Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Lets be Scientists - The Magic Bucket

On Wednesday mornings in Room 15 we are Scientists. Today we did the Magic Bucket experiment.
Here is our predictions of we thought was going to happen

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Here are some of our fabulous stories about The Magic Bucket...

Displaying IMG_4110.JPGDisplaying IMG_4111.JPGBy Dylan

Today in Room 15 we were Scientists and we did an experiment. First Miss Robinson tipped clear water into the Magic Bucket. Then it turned into red and... I was right! But how did it change colour? I think there's play dough inside and it made it change colour. 
By Noah

This morning Room 15 were Scientists learning about colours. We were doing a experiment. First Miss Robinson put water into the Magic Bucket and then red dye came out. Then we put the red dye back in and I thought it was going to be Kahurangi but it came out clear. Then we put some blue in as well and it was still clear. So we got some blue water and some red water in a bowl to see if it went clear but it turned purple. It was cool. 
By Milan G

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  1. Hi Rm 15,

    Wow, that science experiment sounds really cool. How did the colour go clear?

    From Rm 8, Meadowbank School.