Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Fair and unfair games

This term we are learning about Probability. This week we have been looking at fair and unfair games and who has a better chance of winning. 

First we played a game where we had 1 die each. We decided this was a fair game. We both had the same chance of winning.

Next one person got to use two dice. We decided this was an unfair game. The person with two dice had a better chance of winning. 

This is how we felt when we only got to use one die and our partner got to use two. It was unfair!
Kei te pōuri au
(I am sad)

This is how we felt when we got to use two dice and our partner only got to use one. We realised it was unfair for our partner so we shouldn't play like that!
Kei te pai au
(I am happy)



    "I like fair games the most because they make me happy but when it isn't a fair game I feel Kei te pōuri au." it was fun playing the games but I got upset when I lost but you can't always win but I like winning

    from noah johnson

  2. It sound like a really fun lesson!!! From Mrs Bailey

    Lockie said he only like playing games that are fair. :)

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