Thursday, 7 May 2015

Room 15 Firefighters

This morning Room 15 watched a video about a kitten getting rescued by a fire fighter. Our challenge was to pretend we were the fire fighter who saved the kitten and write a story about it.

The idea for this was from -

Here are some of the fabulous stories.

There was lots of smoke and fire. Then I saw a dead kitten lying on the ground. I picked the kitten up because it couldn't move. Then I rushed out of the burning house and I got my oxygen tools and I got it to life.
By Noah (5years old)

When I was going home I got a call so I rushed to the fire station because there was smoke. I went into the house carefully. I got my torch out and I saw a dead kitten on the floor. I took it outside and saved it with oxygen.
By Sathvika (6years old)

I rushed to the house. I walked into the house and on the ground was a dead cat. I got the cat and I made it to life with the oxygen.
By Nia (5 years old)

Tayla decided she would like to write the story as the kitten.

I am a cat and the fire fighter saved me because he made me alive. I came back with the oxygen in the tank and then he patted me.
By Tayla (6 years old)


  1. I showed my Mum this video. I wrote that I was a fireman and I saw a kitten and I saw it lying on the ground. I took it outside and I gave it some oxygen. I put water on the kitten, it came alive and I patted it. Mum and I like that the firemen were able to save this kitten because they don't all get saved. From Declan.

  2. Room 15 I enjoyed reading your stories. Tayla what a great idea to write from a cat's point of view. Well done writers.

  3. Hi Room 15,
    Thanks for commenting on our blog! We also watched the clip about the kitten. It was cute and we felt happy when it was saved. Yes Room A1 would like to be blog buddies with your class. We think your stories were fabulous.
    From Room A1
    Craigburn Primary School - South Australia

  4. Hi room 15. my name is Oliver and I am in room A1. I think your blog is nice. I ABSOLUTELY loved the baby kitten! I hope you like my comment.