Thursday, 7 May 2015

Room 15 Firefighters

This morning Room 15 watched a video about a kitten getting rescued by a fire fighter. Our challenge was to pretend we were the fire fighter who saved the kitten and write a story about it.

The idea for this was from -

Here are some of the fabulous stories.

There was lots of smoke and fire. Then I saw a dead kitten lying on the ground. I picked the kitten up because it couldn't move. Then I rushed out of the burning house and I got my oxygen tools and I got it to life.
By Noah (5years old)

When I was going home I got a call so I rushed to the fire station because there was smoke. I went into the house carefully. I got my torch out and I saw a dead kitten on the floor. I took it outside and saved it with oxygen.
By Sathvika (6years old)

I rushed to the house. I walked into the house and on the ground was a dead cat. I got the cat and I made it to life with the oxygen.
By Nia (5 years old)

Tayla decided she would like to write the story as the kitten.

I am a cat and the fire fighter saved me because he made me alive. I came back with the oxygen in the tank and then he patted me.
By Tayla (6 years old)