Thursday, 2 April 2015

Fun with fruit bursts

Room 15 have been learning about statistics so we used our skills to find out which colour you get the most of in a packet, we were also interested to know how many were in each packet and if there was the same amount.
First we predicted what colour we thought there would be the most of. Next we had to eat the lollies so we could have be packets to put on the graph. Miss Robinson even managed to trick 3 of us by swapping the lollies for blocks because it was April fools day! Then we sorted the colours into groups and then made the groups into a graph. Have a look at our results.


  1. My favourite flavour is the green ones. We have them as travel sweets in the car if dad remembers.

  2. Hi room 15 Noah is super excited to be back at school, he's really looking forward to doing his main star!