Wednesday, 22 April 2015


We began the term by gathering together as a school to remember and pay tribute to our ANZAC's by having 30 crosses placed on our lawn to remember 30 of the soldiers who lost their lives in the war.
This was a great introduction to learning about ANZAC Day and why it is important to us as New Zealander's.

We started our learning journey about ANZAC Day by reading a story called Best Mates by Phillipa Werry and Bob Kerr.
This was a great story of 3 best mates that went on what they thought was a great adventure but really it was a war. We followed their adventure of travelling by train, boat, a camel and another boat to Turkey. We were shocked that when they arrived the soldiers were attacked. They had to run and find a place safe so they built trenches. After they had fought for awhile the soldiers snuck away in the middle of the night. We were sad that some of the soldiers didn't make home it and we know that's why we celebrate ANZAC Day to remember them. 

Some of the questions we had about this are
  1. Why did they need to get buried?
  2. How did the boats go?
  3. Why did the soldiers die?  
  4. Why did they go to the war?
  5. Why did the fight the people?
  6. Why did they shoot the nice kiwis?
  7. Why did we did they leave their families?

For our big book this week we have been reading a great story called Dawn Parade. We have learnt that there is a Dawn Parade on ANZAC Day to remember the soldiers and Tom is going to the parade to take part as a KEA, (We can't wait to see a photo of him all dressed up)

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