Thursday, 30 April 2015

Math's fun

The clever Noah and Cooper finding things shorter and longer than their names. 

This week Room 15 had a tricky decision to make. Which chocolate cake was biggest Miss Robinson's or Mrs Hallberg's? (A pretend cake) 
First we decided to cut them out and compare them but we couldn't tell which one was bigger so we had to think of another way. We used blocks to measure the area of the cakes. We found out that Mrs Hallberg's had an area of 30 blocks and Miss Robinson's had 24 so Mrs Hallberg's was bigger!


Two of our favourite activities at PMP

Letter N learning

This week Tom and Dylan have been focusing on the letter n. Today they made nests with Mrs Hallberg.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Our poppies and wreath


Grey Main's special ANZAC assembly

Today the WHOLE of Grey Main School walked down to Dixon Park where the old Grey Main gates are now and remembered the 40 Grey Main students that were killed in World War 1.

Here's some of our fantastic learners signing the National Anthem. 

Here is our year 8's putting the poppies on the gates. 

Our fantastic poppies

The youngest and oldest student at Grey Main laying the wreath.

What a fantastic day!

Tom's letter n learning

This week Tom has been learning about the letter n!

Look at Tom being a nurse 

Thursday, 23 April 2015

What a great start to maths in Room 15!

We are learning about measurement. Have a look at some of the things we have done so far...

We can put objects in order from the shortest to the tallest or the tallest to the shortest. 

We are learning to use a ruler (a lady bug ruler) to measure the flowers
Declan was being a great friend and helping Aden as he only has one hand to use.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Our very special job today!

Today we got to go and help Dan put the 30 crosses out on the lawn.

Here are some of the fantastic stories the children wrote about our very special job this morning...
The green highlighting shows sounds the student recorded in their writing. The words underlined show words that have found around the room from words we recorded throughout our discussions.

I am putting down a cross. By Vann

The green highlighting in the stories below shows the joining words they have used to give the reader more information.

Today we put the poppies and the crosses out. After that the boys read us a poem. I liked it. By Leon

We put the crosses out and we put out the poppies. The soldiers died in the war. Dan and the boys read us a poem. By Nia

This morning Room 15 went behind the office to put out crosses out and to put out poppies. After that they read us a poem. Then Mrs O'Sullivan came out. By Maliah