Sunday, 15 November 2015

Print making

Diwali celebrations

Yesterday we went to the Tech Centre. We made barfi and we had some of the barfi. It was yummy and crunchy. By Cooper
When we went to the Tech Centre we madebarfi because we were celebrating Diwali. Sathvika was dressed in her special clothes because it is a special day and it was exciting. The barfi was yum. We had a cupcake and chocolate from Sathvika's mum too.  
By Aden
Yesterday we went to the Tech Centre to make barfi because it was Diwali. Diwali goes for 5 days. It is an Indian special celebration that they do. By Lockie
Yesterday I wore a special dress to school because it was Indian Festival, it is called Diwali. We made Barfi. We made it with butter, milk powder, condensed milk, vanilla essence and chocolate. We had barfi before lunch. Last night me, my mum and my grandma wore a sari. My dad, my grandpa and brother wore a pantcha. We went to our restaurant and there were a lot of people. I played games with my friends. There names were Lackchetta, Diveatha and Saya. 
By Sathvika

Friday, 30 October 2015

Rugby World Cup fun!

Grandparent's Day

Today we had Grandparent's Day! We loved having our Grandparent's come and visit us at school. Thank you to all that came it was great having you here! We made Rangoli patterns from our big book Diwali. We have learnt lots about Diwali which is the Indian new year and it is on the 11th of November. 

Grandparent's Day!

We loved having our Grandparents and family in to visit us today! We had heaps of fun making our Rangoli patterns with them from our shared book Diwali.

Book Character Day!!!