Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Room 15's who am I writing

Can you guess what animals we are? 

Green shows where the student has shown evidence of their learning intention.
Pink shows next step learning.

Learning Intention: 
I am learning to use adjectives to describe nouns. 

Who am I?

I like going under the house. I am black and white. I am very small. I have 4 short legs, a head, 2 small ears and 1 fat fluffy tail. I am fluffy and soft. I like hiding and eating biscuits and meat.
By Aimee

Learning Intention: 
I am learning to write several sentences using capital letters and full stops. 

Who am I?
I am extremely vicious and I am extinct. I have two long legs and two short arms. I have very sharp teeth. Who am I?
By Levi

Who am I?
I can be big or little. I have a cage to sleep in. I can sleep in a bed too. You can train me because if you don't I will be bad. When I have just been born I always sleep. I mean ALL the time. I can do big poos. You need a fence if you don't have one because I can run away.
By Reuben

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  1. Great story Aimee!......I think you might be talking about, hmmmmm...... BOOTS!