Thursday, 20 November 2014

Fun facts about lizards

The turtles have been reading a book called Amazing Lizards and we have found out some amazing facts

Did you know

  • lizards are reptiles
  • If lizards have a fight they turn bright colours but if they loose they turn yellow
  • when they are angry they can turn black
  • when they are frightened they turn pale
  • when they are sleepy they turn tan
  • when they are calm they turn green
  • lizards can look in different directions, they use one eye to look for food and the other to look for enemies
  • lizards catch food with the tongue and they can stretch a long way
  • they can puff up their bodies 
  • lizards can walk 400 metres on water, did you know that's the same size as a rugby field.
By Reuben and Lachlan


  1. Boys you learnt so many fun facts about lizards. They are such interesting creatures. Well done!!!

  2. Thanks for the information about lizards Lachlan and Reuben.I'm going to share this with Room 5 because one of my reading groups read the book, Lizard Loses His Tail. They watched some lizards on you tube and they will be pleased to read all your lizard facts. Kia Ora.

  3. thanks for sharing your amazing fun facts, very interesting :-)