Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Clever boys

Check out these clever boys finishing the whole vowel puzzle!

One of our awesome little visitors

Jacob is being such a great role model reading together with Victoria's little brother Sebastian! What a great Grey Main learner!

Friday, 21 November 2014

TeReo in Room 15

In Room 15 we have been learning how to ask and answer what an item is in TeReo. Look how clever Lachlan is!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Fun facts about lizards

The turtles have been reading a book called Amazing Lizards and we have found out some amazing facts

Did you know

  • lizards are reptiles
  • If lizards have a fight they turn bright colours but if they loose they turn yellow
  • when they are angry they can turn black
  • when they are frightened they turn pale
  • when they are sleepy they turn tan
  • when they are calm they turn green
  • lizards can look in different directions, they use one eye to look for food and the other to look for enemies
  • lizards catch food with the tongue and they can stretch a long way
  • they can puff up their bodies 
  • lizards can walk 400 metres on water, did you know that's the same size as a rugby field.
By Reuben and Lachlan

What has Dominique been making...?

  Mum and  kahn  and  dad is  caming  home  today. wen  they  get  home  mum  and dad will unpack.
They  have been in Christchurch, I have been staing at my Nanas...what do you think I made  for my mumma? A ...
By Dominique

Lachlan's dog (Written and typed by Lachlan himself)

I am learning to use joining words to explain an idea.

At Hode Park there was a pes of glass and my dog Jay steped on it. Bella  was ther to but she didt stand on any. Jays  par was bleding. Jay had to go to the vet because mum waeted him to so they cld look at his par. now   Jays   par   is      fix       now     He   can   walk     agein    it    was
along   long    time   LACHLAN!

At Hoddy Park there was a piece of glass and my dog Jay stepped on it. Bella was there too but she didn't stand on any. Jay's paw was bleeding. Jay had to go to the vet because mum wanted him to so they could look at his paw. Now Jay's paw is fixed and now he can walk again. It was a long time ago.
I am relational today because I used two joining words in one sentence. 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Group 3 and 4 having fun in the water

Keep afloat together 

Room 15's who am I writing

Can you guess what animals we are? 

Green shows where the student has shown evidence of their learning intention.
Pink shows next step learning.

Learning Intention: 
I am learning to use adjectives to describe nouns. 

Who am I?

I like going under the house. I am black and white. I am very small. I have 4 short legs, a head, 2 small ears and 1 fat fluffy tail. I am fluffy and soft. I like hiding and eating biscuits and meat.
By Aimee

Learning Intention: 
I am learning to write several sentences using capital letters and full stops. 

Who am I?
I am extremely vicious and I am extinct. I have two long legs and two short arms. I have very sharp teeth. Who am I?
By Levi

Who am I?
I can be big or little. I have a cage to sleep in. I can sleep in a bed too. You can train me because if you don't I will be bad. When I have just been born I always sleep. I mean ALL the time. I can do big poos. You need a fence if you don't have one because I can run away.
By Reuben

Monday, 17 November 2014

Yve's hospital adventure

In the weekend I cracked my head open. I was jumping on the tramp .I gump so high i baned  my hed   on the roof. It bled and bled. I had to go to hostel. The lade glod my head together. Lucke i didt hav  a xara . but it stil hoss. Then I went home and had pamol . Then i went to play with my vizitis. i couldt go on the tramp agane. Then we went out for ter. By Yves

In the weekend I cracked my head open. I was jumping on the tramp. I jumped so high and then I banged my head on the roof. It bled and bled. I had to go to hospital. The lady glued my head together. I was lucky I didn't have to have an x-ray but it still hurts. Then I went home and had pamol. Then I went to play with my visitors. I couldn't go on the tramp again. Then we went out for tea.

Allie's Weekend Adventure (Written by Allie herself)

On Friday I went to stay at Mayas dads house and maya and her dad where tricking me because  there  house was way tidyer. We had sausages at the beach for tea. Maya fell over and I fell over too. Then we threw sand over each other but the waves came and washed the sand off. After that Mayas dad lit a bonfire. We stayed by the fire to keep warm. Then we went back to Mayas dads house and watched a movie.

By Allie

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


We are learning doubles to 20. Yesterday we made these to help up learn... 

Friday, 7 November 2014


This term in Room 15 we are learning about Kai. We have been learning to identify basic food and ask and answer what an item of food is.

Room 15's Kapahaka star

Room 15 are so proud of Pyper in her first Kapahaka performance infront of the WHOLE school.