Friday, 1 August 2014

Fun day Friday in Room 15

This week in Room 15 we have been reading the big book The Fun Bus by Jill Eggleton. The story is about a bus driver who gets driven crazy with people bringing peacocks, parrots and all sorts of things on to his bus so he goes home to his wife and tells her about his crazy day. She decides that she would like to be a bus driver so that she could have a fun bus. Off she went to bus driver school. When she had her licence she got her and bus and it was a VERY fun bus. We talked about which bus we would like and we decided we would all like a fun bus so we made our own and have written what would be happening on our bus! (I'm not sure I would like to be on some on these crazy buses)


  1. Great looking Buses Rm 15 :) Jakes Mum!!

  2. Cool art work Room 15

    Room 17 Daniel