Thursday, 3 July 2014

Making waffles in Room 15

This morning in Room 15 we made waffles because Tom has been learning the letter w. The students are great cooks in Room 15. Don't our waffles look delicious...
We'll done Maddison I am so proud if you for trying new things. 
They were delicious. We are going to write some fabulous stories about making the waffles so we will post these soon...


  1. Well done Room 15, your waffles look so yummy :) Jakes Mum!

  2. I liked making them because they looked wonderful. From maddison
    It looks like you all worked really well as a team to make those waffles room 15 - fantastic work. maddis mum

  3. To Room15
    Those cupcakes look very yummy and they look wonderfuL and they are so cool and prittey. I hope you had a grat time
    From Briea