Monday, 9 June 2014

Special visitor

Today Room 15 went to visit Room 16 because there was a special visitor in their classroom. Do you know who the special visitor was? The special visitor used to be a teacher at Grey Main School but now they live in Australia. The special visitor travelled to Christchurch on a plane then travelled on a train to Greymouth! The special visitor is MISS KOMEN!

We were really happy to see Miss Komen and we are very excited because we are going to Skype her when she goes back to Australia. 

Written by the children in Room 15


  1. Aimee was VERY excited to tell me after school about there surprise visitor! She loved seeing Miss Komen again! x Aimee's Mum :-)

  2. I had a wonderful day in Room 16 and seeing all the fantastic Grey Main Learners. I really enjoyed the story Allie wrote about my visit. I am very excited to skype Room 15 sometime soon. Hopefully I will get back again in time for the Christmas concert at the end of the year. I miss you all Room 15!!