Friday, 4 April 2014

The Shape Song

Today we had a look at B4's blog at Reefton Area School. 

We watched their video of a song they had learnt about shapes. They had learnt 3 verses then made up 2 of their own. Then they asked if anybody could make up their own about diamonds so we decided to give it a go! 

First we looked at diamonds. Then we talked about them. These are some of the ideas we came up with! 

Then we practiced our song and recorded it! I hope you enjoy! I wonder if anybody else could write another verse! 


  1. Dear Room 15
    This is Mrs McKenzie from B4 in Reefton.
    Thank you for joining in with our shape song fun. I love your verse about the diamond.

    What are your favourite shapes?

    from Mrs McKenzie

  2. That was such a great song about diamonds Room 15.

  3. I loved hearing you singing your shape song, Room 15. You are all very creative!

  4. What a great song room 15 :-) You have such lovely singing voices.

  5. We thought the singing and actions were brilliant. Keep up the great work room 15,
    Nana and Pop Ayers, CHristchurch

  6. great singing room 15, you guys are awesome. I like diamonds too.. maddis mum nicky