Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Snail fun

Earlier this term Ruby and Victoria found some snails in Ruby's garden so they brought them to school to show us. We were very interested in the snails and decided we would like to know more and we wondered if we had any in our special place at school, the garden! We have learnt all sorts of things about snails and yesterday when we were talking about what food they like to eat we realised that they weren't very good for our garden. Have a look a the picture can you work out why snails aren't very good for our garden?

This is our snail farm we have baby snails that have just hatched and big snails.


  1. Room 15, I found your chart explaining what snails eat very interesting. I didn't know they ate bananas. You have taught me something today!Thank you.

  2. We have all learned lots about snails too. I didn't know they were vegetarians. And we have had lots of snail related discussions at home.