Monday, 31 March 2014

Family Fiesta

Look at our fantastic entries for the family fiesta!!

Our place getters and their prizes!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Going fishing

Some of the children in Room 15 playing so nicely! 

Writing with chalk

This week we have been learning about the short vowel a and words that have a short a in them. E.g. Cat, hat rat. Today we have been out writing words with chalk. We started with a word then changed one letter to make a new word. Miss Robinson challenged us to get 5 words then if that was easy she said can you get to 10 words. We are so clever!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Muffin Machine Man

For the last two weeks Tom has been learning about the letter m

Today he went to the tech centre to make some muffins. He was very busy measuring and mixing making magnificent muffins!

Then he brought them back to Room 15 to share them with all of the marvellous learners. We all had milk and muffin time!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Snail fun

Earlier this term Ruby and Victoria found some snails in Ruby's garden so they brought them to school to show us. We were very interested in the snails and decided we would like to know more and we wondered if we had any in our special place at school, the garden! We have learnt all sorts of things about snails and yesterday when we were talking about what food they like to eat we realised that they weren't very good for our garden. Have a look a the picture can you work out why snails aren't very good for our garden?

This is our snail farm we have baby snails that have just hatched and big snails.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Fabulous writing.

Here are some fabulous stories that were written this week that we would like to share with you. 
 By Erin

By Ruby

Busy preparing for the family fiesta

Today we made our entries for the Family Fiesta on the 27th March. (Next Friday @5pm) We hope to see you there to find out what we are busy making. 

Team A Athletics

Yesterday we had athletics. It was a fabulous day and we had lots of fun. Here are some of the children at the egg and spoon race.

Today Room 15 wrote some fabulous stories about the athletics. 

 Here is Jacob's fabulous story. The green underlining shows words he has found around the room. The letters highlighted green are the sounds he got correct in the word and the pink shows the sounds he can hear but didn't write down.

Here is Levi's terrific story. The green shows the places he left a good fingers space and the pink shows where he needs to work on his finger spacing. 

What fabulous writers we have in Room 15. 


On Tuesday afternoon Grey Main School was lucky enough to have Play House come to our school and perform Rap-unzel. The show was based around the show The X-Factor and there were many familiar fairy tale characters throughout the story and also Simon Cowell which you can see in the pictures as Simon Cow. The students and teachers really enjoy when Rap-unzel comes to school because the shows are always so fantastic.

Here are some pictures of the show and the children's writing about the show.

This is Aladdin his talent was a genie in a bottle                  This is Rap-unzel she could sing and rap.
but we didn't see any genie.

Afterwards we were lucky enough to get a picture with Rap-unzel, Simon Cow and the rapping prince.

 By Aimee
 By Erin
By Max

Reading in Room 15

We love reading in Room 15! We love reading to ourselves and reading to others. Here is some pictures of us reading to ourselves and reading to someone.
When we read to someone we remember that we sit in a quiet spot, knee to knee, elbow to elbow and we have the book sitting in the middle so we can both see as we are reading. aren't we doing a fabulous job of this?

This is Tom reading into the reading phone so he can hear himself reading. 

Aimee and Allie
Briea and Abbie
Ruby and Lachlan