Tuesday, 25 February 2014

What we found out about Harold...

As we promised here is some of the fantastic story writing about what we learnt about breathing...

We learnt about breathing. If you smoke it is bad for your kids and it will go into their lungs.
By Aimee

I went to Harold's classroom to learn about oxygen. Oxygen comes from the trees then the oxygen goes all around the body. 

By Taylor

We learnt about breathing. First the trees make the oxygen and we breath it through our nose and our mouth. Then is goes down the wind pipe and into the lungs. Then it goes into the blood and travels all around the body. Then it goes back through the lungs, the wind pipe and out of our nose and mouth and we make carbon dioxide and it goes around and around again. 

By Max 

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  1. Ka pai! These stories are so interesting. Sounds like you were all listening carefully. What was your favourite part of going to Harold's classroom?