Thursday, 20 February 2014

Mrs O the Wacky Wednesday Scarecrow

This is our newest member of Room 15. Can you spot anything strange? 

Room 15 decided they would like to make a Grey Main Learner as their scarecrow. Then we decided we would like the Grey Main Learner to be Mrs O. We were very sneaky and went and got a photo of Mrs O without telling her what it was really for and we laminated it and stuck it to our scarecrow.

Being cheeky pulling faces at Mrs O (but we won't do this to the real Mrs O)
On the way to put our scarecrow in the fabulous Grey Main garden!

We made a quick stop at Mrs O's office but she wasn't there so we snuck the scarecrow in for a photo. 

Miss Robinson putting our scarecrow in the garden. 

Mrs O the Wacky Wednesday Scarecrow

We had a great time making our scarecrow and we hope that we have helped Mrs O solve her dilemma. 
If you want to make your own scarecrow we will be posting some instructions next week...


  1. Awesome scarecrow Room 15; let's hope Mrs O doesn't get angry! George's Dad.

  2. Hello Room 15 from Nelson. It was great fun at Grey Main making the scarecrow. I miss everyone, from Sansinee