Thursday, 27 February 2014

The caterpillar and the mystery eggs

Yesterday Maddi found a caterpillar on her hat and she brought it into the classroom to show all of us in Room 15! We put it into a container with some leaves and when we were having a look at it we noticed that there were some eggs on the leaf. So we did some investigating and now we know that the eggs didn't come from the butterfly, do you know how we know this? 

Because we found out about the life cycle of a caterpillar and we know that the butterfly lays the eggs, next the eggs turn into caterpillars, then into chrysalis and then into a beautiful butterfly. That's how we know the caterpillar didn't lay the eggs. 

So then we realised we didn't know what the eggs were. We decided to keep the egga in a container covered in glad wrap with holes in it so they can breathe and see what they turn into.
 This is day 2. 
We can see that some of the eggs have hatched over night. 

What do you think they might be? 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Clean and tidy kiwis

We all participate and contribute at Grey Main School by taking turns to do property patrol to tidy up our school. This week is our week. Room 15 are fantastic helpers tidying up our school.

Clever writters

The fantastic Max grabbing his reading book to find a tricky word he knew was in there
The clever Pyper  identifying wht she has done well (green highlighting) and her next step learning (pink highlighting) with me. 

What we found out about Harold...

As we promised here is some of the fantastic story writing about what we learnt about breathing...

We learnt about breathing. If you smoke it is bad for your kids and it will go into their lungs.
By Aimee

I went to Harold's classroom to learn about oxygen. Oxygen comes from the trees then the oxygen goes all around the body. 

By Taylor

We learnt about breathing. First the trees make the oxygen and we breath it through our nose and our mouth. Then is goes down the wind pipe and into the lungs. Then it goes into the blood and travels all around the body. Then it goes back through the lungs, the wind pipe and out of our nose and mouth and we make carbon dioxide and it goes around and around again. 

By Max 

Monday, 24 February 2014

Maths fun

The triangles group outside with Miss Komen learning numbers that come before and after numbers to 10! 

Friday, 21 February 2014

Art on Fun day friday

For art this term we are experimenting with pencils and crayons. We will update you as we learn more and more and you will be able to see our fabulous finished product at the end of the term. 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Mrs O the Wacky Wednesday Scarecrow

This is our newest member of Room 15. Can you spot anything strange? 

Room 15 decided they would like to make a Grey Main Learner as their scarecrow. Then we decided we would like the Grey Main Learner to be Mrs O. We were very sneaky and went and got a photo of Mrs O without telling her what it was really for and we laminated it and stuck it to our scarecrow.

Being cheeky pulling faces at Mrs O (but we won't do this to the real Mrs O)
On the way to put our scarecrow in the fabulous Grey Main garden!

We made a quick stop at Mrs O's office but she wasn't there so we snuck the scarecrow in for a photo. 

Miss Robinson putting our scarecrow in the garden. 

Mrs O the Wacky Wednesday Scarecrow

We had a great time making our scarecrow and we hope that we have helped Mrs O solve her dilemma. 
If you want to make your own scarecrow we will be posting some instructions next week...

Making our scarecrow

We have been super busy today in Room 15  finishing off our scarecrow for our garden to help Mrs O with her dilemma of no strawberries for her famous pavlova.

This is us helping stuff the scarecrow with straw.
Here is us drawing scarecrows outside with chalk while we waited for our group to have a turn.
We are such good listeners sitting and waiting patiently and having a refreshing anchor milk

What a fabulous scarecrow
Super scarecrow face.

Oral language

In Room 15 we are learning to give and follow instructions. First we got into partners and both got a picture of a scarecrow. Next we found a spot around the room sitting back to back. Then we had to take turns giving our partner instructions of how to colour the picture in. We knew if we had given good instructions and listened well if our pictures were the same at the end. We had heaps of fun!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Our fantastic Caretaker

I wonder what he's helping us with?


Room 15 have had a great time visiting Harold over the last 2weeks. We have learnt all about how we breathe. Do you know how oxygen gets through our body? Check in with us soon to read some fantastic stories that will tell you how

Friday, 14 February 2014

Fun day Friday in Room 15

Fun day Friday fun in Room 15!
Blowing bubbles to make a paint picture, b headbands, writing b words in foam, writing b's in chalk outside! 😃